Villas Crete - Sitia Villas Delight

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 Hiking at Sitia Crete Villas Delight area

 Hiking is a challenging and enjoying outdoor activity. Even though it comes with a lot of names, such as hiking, trekking, bushwacking, bushwalking, tramping and more it represents one think; and that is walking in nature on or off trail, in long or short distances. Villas Crete Delight gives the opportunity to the guest to participate in this activity in self organized hike walks around the area or to guided tours in the magnificent hiking trails of eastern Crete.

Staying in Sitia Villas Delight offer you daily opportunities for a good hike. Our villas are nested in an old olive grove, you can walk among the olive trees observe how they are treated, and harvested. If you go further, you can walk by the vineyards of the area and see grapes where the local wine and raki or tsikoudia are made from. With a 20 min hike you find yourself in the picturesque Sitia town where you can walk along side the marina, the sandy beach, visit the stronghold of Kazarma or walk between the city's shops and windows. But if you would like to be surrounded only by pure nature you can start from Sitia Crete Villas Delight and head to the Papadiokampos, Traxilas or Platani areas where you can find crystal waters after hiking among a magnificent landscape.

But why stay there? For our guests that want to have a full time hiking experience Sitia Villas Delight in cooperation with Itanos Tours offer organized trips. In these guided hikes ,all necessary equipment and transportation to and from the hiking destinations is provided. What is more, you have the chance to visit the famous gorges of Analepsy, Zakros (Valley of the Dead), Xerocambos and Caroumes. At the Rixti gorge you will be struck in awe by it’s dazzling water fall. Make your way through the raw and untamed Cretan landscape; taking in every aroma of the liberal wild herbs , and mastering the adventure as did whole civilizations for myriads of centuries.

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 The organized hiking trips are organized in cooperation with Itanos Tours the experts in eastern crete exploration.

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What is more...

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Sitia town
3 minutes from Sitia Villas Delight
The clear waters of Platani, Traxilas and Papadiokampos
10 minutes from Villas Crete Delight